Corporal Klinger Would Be So Proud

Some quick hits:

Our Sports Central (a fantastic resource that I just discovered) posted the top 15 clubs for Minor League attendance today. But they also printed this chart of the top 10 seasons for the Toledo Mud Hens.

Top Toledo Season Attendance Marks

1. 2007 — 590,159

2. 2006 — 569,380

3. 2005 — 556,995

4. 2002 — 547,204

5. 2004 — 544,778

6. 2003 — 517,331

7. 1953 — 343,672

8. 1997 — 325,532

9. 1927 — 316,328

10. 1996 — 316,126

[Our Sports Central]

Oddly enough, none of them fall during the heyday of M*A*S*H, which is honestly the only reason I know who the Mud Hens are.

and, in other news:

Northern League: The Calgary Vipers and Edmonton Cracker-Cats are apparently serious in their consideration of a move to the Golden Baseball League. The teams are not happy with a 2008 Northern League schedule that has the two teams playing each other 32 times to avoid travel expenses. One rumor about the Northern League had two of the league’s Chicago-based franchises considering a move to the Frontier League.

[Our Sports Central]

Is it too much to ask that they just trade nicknames? I’d love to see the Calgary Cracker-Cats. Seriously.


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