Independent Leagues are Pulling their Own Weight

A report on Our Sports Central indicates that Independent Leagues are more than carrying their weight when it comes to attendance this year.  Overall attendance for Indies is up 11.8 %, for a total of over 8 million butts in seats for this season.

The Atlantic League paced the eight Indy leagues which maintained attendance records, finishing at 1,977,113, a 3.5 per cent increase. The Can-Am and Frontier had the biggest increases in both the raw gain and the percentage jump. The Can-Am was up 28.8 per cent and increased by more than 232,000 while the Frontier’s final count was up nearly 242,000, a 19.2 per cent boost.

[Our Sports Central]

I imagine most ballpark visitors would be hard-pressed to tell the difference between an Indy league team and an official MiLB team, so proximity is key.  In addition, the Indy leagues have made a habit of bringing in familiar faces in the twilight years of their careers for that one last shot.  And fans love to see that.  Rich Garces in Nashua is a prime example, but Rickey Henderson and Jose Canseco have made highly publicized comeback attempts through the Indies as well.

If there’s an Indy League team near you, drop us a line, and let us know how the play stacks up. 


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  1. If I remember correctly, Jose Canseco’s debut with the Newark Bears in 2001 came in Nashua. The Pride set an attendance record that day that still stands – over 4,800.

    Not so impressive was Rickey’s debut in Nashua – a rainy Sunday in early June that netted about 2,500 tickets sold. Far more impressive was the fact that about three hours into my first day as an intern for a professional baseball team, I found myself standing five feet away from Rickey Henderson.


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