Photos: Mahoning Valley Scrappers, courtesy of MCBias.

Today we’ve been set up with a handful of photos via our good friend in blogging, MCBias.

If you like your writing to approach the status quo with a healthy dose of skepticism, MC is your man. He has definite ideas about how blogging should grow, and how it should be conducted from an ethical standpoint. His most recent interview is a two-parter with WNBA star Erin Beuscher. If that’s up your alley, check him out at Moderately Cerebral Bias.

But I’ve made him sound like a wonk. He’s also a lot of fun, as these photos of MC and friends at a Mahoning Valley Scrappers (Indians Short-Season A) game will attest.

scrappersfriends.JPG scrappersfriendsmascot.JPG scrappersmascotlove1.JPG scrappersfield.JPG scrappergrabsmaller.JPG

Looks like a good time, MC. To us, this is what the Bus Leagues are all about.

If you want to share your photos, contact us at busleagues (at) gmail (dot) com.


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