O’Conner Poised for Presidency of MiLB

We wrote a few days ago about Mike Moore stepping down as President of the Minor Leagues after a very successful 16 years at the helm. After a week of deliberations, the Board of Trustees of MiLB has winnowed the four-man field of potential replacements down to one man – Moore’s top VP, Pat O’Conner.

O’Conner had already been the odds-on favorite for the job, having served as Moore’s right-hand man for much of his time as president. O’Conner’s current title is vice president, administration and chief operating officer for MiLB. The other candidates are Dave Chase, who has worked in baseball for more than 30 years and is currently president and general manager of the Memphis Redbirds; Philip Evans, a lawyer who has no baseball experience and worked for the NBA Developmental League from 2001-07; and Jeremy Kapstein, a special adviser for the Red Sox who was noted as one of baseball’s first powerful agents in the 1970s.

(A)ny of the three remaining candidates is free to vie for the job at the Winter Meetings in December, when nominations can be made from the floor during the election process.

[Baseball America]

This has to be one of the most underrated jobs in sports. First of all, I doubt many people know it exists – I didn’t until this week. And only four people applied. One of whom had no experience in baseball at all. I guess running the Minor Leagues still sounds like settling to some executive-types, or else they knew O’Conner was the likely nom and didn’t even feel like challenging, but I’d think if one was president of, say, the Carolina League, one might want to shoot for the next rung up the ladder.

Anyway, we’ll keep an eye on this process, and hopefully, when the dust has settled, we can land an interview with the new Poobah.


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