Jay Bruce on Video

OMDQ and I have been talking a lot about Jay Bruce recently, because he has been anointed as the best Bus Leaguer around by a couple of influential publications. I thought I’d hit YouTube and find the Zapruder film on the guy before he blows up in Cincy next year.

First, here he is a couple of years ago in Dayton A ball. I admit I used this video just so you could get a look at the funky black wall in center, and the dragon-infested scoreboard.

And this one from the current season, in which he whacks a home run at AAA Louisville

What strikes me about the second video is the almost stiff upright posture of Bruce’s stance, which doesn’t appear to be very powerful until he flicks his wrists and begins to trot around the bases. Wow.

For more about Jay Bruce and the other top prospects for 2008, check out this top 25 list from our amigo Matthew Whipps at The Diamond Cutter.

One response to this post.

  1. Yeah I’ve noticed Bruce’s swing before too and it almost looks effortless. He generates so much power with his upper body and wrists that he basically muscles balls out. The is going to love playing in Great American Ballpark where long fly balls go 5-10 rows deep into the stands!


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