What If Jose’s Girlfriend Puts A Curse On His Glove?

From CantonRep.com:

Baseball will experiment with three other rules during the short-season Single-A New York-Penn and Northwest leagues this summer.

When the pitcher receives the ball, he will have 15 seconds, rather than 12, to deliver the pitch. The fourth trip to the mound by a manager or coach will result in the pitcher automatically being pulled from the game.

Also, only one infielder at a time will be allowed to visit the mound. Imagine “Bull Durham” without the entire infield convening to decide whether to buy Millie and Jimmy candlesticks, a place setting or a silverware pattern for their wedding.

 The plan is to take on a few New York-Penn League games this summer, so hopefully we’ll see firsthand if these new rules have any impact on the game.

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