Finally, the NCAA Tournament and MiLB Come Together

First off, I should probably introduce myself. I’m Sam and Eric and OMDQ have been generous enough to let me join the crew here at the Bus Leagues. I’ll be giving insights on the Eastern Leauge (AA).

Considering that March is synonomous with all sports fans to college basketball, I figured that it would be fitting to link that with this site. For the second year in a row, the Trenton Thunder are running an NCAA Bracket Challenge at First place recieves a luxury suite for a night, which includes 25 tickets. Second place recieves 2 half season tickets (36 games) and the third place finisher recieves 2 10 game pic-a-plans. The entry deadline is noon on Thursday, which is when the tourney tips off for those not in the know.

I actually think this is a really good idea to grow interest as the season opener nears (April 3rd for EL teams). So if you live close to Trenton and enjoy minor league baseball and also think you have the perfect bracket, why not kill two birds with one stone?

2008 Thunder Bracket Challenge [Trenton Thunder]


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  1. Darren Rovell has been running a Big Dance-type of tournament on his blog at, using minor league logos(it’s down to the Elite 8 now). He even seeded them, too. The only Carolina League team to make the tournament was Salem, and they only made it to the 2nd round.


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