Here’s Hoping It’s 59 Degrees At 1:04 PM On Sunday

The ability to create suspense is a key factor in any good promotion.  Sometimes, the suspense has to create itself, as evidenced by the Lakewood BlueClaws

Sunday will be the first ever 60 Degree Guarantee Day at FirstEnergy Park. If it is not 60 degrees at the time of first pitch, every fan that stays for the entire game will receive a voucher for a BlueClaws ticket to any future game.

Simple enough.  My first thought went as follows: “New Jersey…early April…it snowed in New Hampshire last week, and New Hampshire isn’t that far north of New Jersey…take the under on this one, all the way.”  After a look at the extended forecast, however, I’m not so sure – they’re looking at mid-50s the rest of the week and a high of 59 on Sunday. 

Mother Nature might make this one somewhat interesting.  Hopefully Lakewood has a decent PA announcer who can play it up in the pregame, especially if it looks to be a close call.


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  1. It’s been a while since I’ve heard good play-by-play on a thermometer.


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