Let The Bobbling Begin!

Because everyone loves bobbleheads, the crack Bus Leagues staff (okay, me) is currently compiling a list of scheduled bobblehead giveaways around the minor leagues this season. With a little luck and a lot of ambition, it will be done and posted by the end of the weekend.

Most teams offer bobbleheads later in the season, when weather is good and larger crowds can be expected. A few, however, are starting off early, with giveaways planned for April dates. Tonight, the Las Vegas 51s kick things off (as near as I can tell; if there are others out there, either from last night or tonight, let us know) with Russell Martin bobbleheads for the first 2,500 fans. The 51s play the Salt Lake Bees at 7:05 PM.

Las Vegas has two more bobblehead nights planned: Joe Torre on May 24 and Takashi Saito on July 11.

2 responses to this post.

  1. And I’d like to add – if you’re one of those lucky sods who gets one of the bobbles, please send in a photo! We’d love to see them.


  2. If you want the only accurate list of bobblehead giveaways past and present in baseball, hoops and hockey, go to the site I posted, join up and come trade with us.


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