Spotlight on AAA Ball – 4/4/2008

We get ready for the weekend by shifting our focus to AAA ball. By next week we should have enough games played to start tracking some of the top prospects as they advance through the ranks, but for now, we’ll just whet your appetite.

Here’s your triple-A news:

Ten Names to Know in the International League, headlined by likely suspects Jay Bruce, Evan Longoria, and Homer Bailey. The IL is celebrating its 125th anniversary, so if you live close enough to hit a game at one of these top Bus League teams, you should plan a trip and soak up the history.

A former PawSox (Red Sox) GM talks about his experiences with well-known Boston players like Manny Ramirez and Trot Nixon.

The Braves think they can actually somehow make money by moving the current Richmond Braves to an Atlanta suburb. Fuzzy math (third story down, after minor-league hockey, etc.)

Indianapolis is the home of the Indianapolis Indians (Pirates). This guy seems to like them OK, but would really prefer an MLB franchise, thank you very much. But they’ve been there since 1902!

While this blog post could use a few more paragraph breaks, it is still an interesting recap of how the Norfolk Tides came to sever their 38-year relationship with the New York Mets and switch to the geographically nearer Baltimore Orioles. As a side note, Harbor Park and Camden are also very similar in their well-appointed throwback architecture, courtesy of HOK Architects.

That’s Triple-A news for this week. Look forward to a more robust offering next week after a few games are in the books.


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