Bus Emergency News Archive – What A Happy Little Corner of the Web

This is more meta than minor league, but I was looking at a few of our recent incoming links just now and the stories on this one caught my eye.  Please, click on that link.

Go ahead – I’ll wait.

Now, will someone please explain to me how, exactly, Eric’s nice, feel good feature on AAA baseball got included on that list?  I’m never one to turn down a link, from anywhere, but “Bus Driver Strangles Wife” isn’t exactly one I ever expected to see turn up in the same link dump as anything from this place.

3 responses to this post.

  1. My wife and I re-watched Bull Durham again last night, and I really think the name Bus Leagues came from that rant Costner did when he first got sent down to A-ball. That’s probably the first time I heard it.


  2. Well, I guess that’s another movie to be added to my list of “stuff I have to watch again for the 50th time”.


  3. Yeah, that’s one good thing that came out of the writers’ strike. We’ve watched some of our old faves again instead of TV.


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