Spotlight on A Ball – 4/21/2008

Curtis Granderson has made a rehab appearance for the West Michigan Whitecaps. Which is interesting, but my primary question is: how many minor league teams are playing in something called Fifth Third Ballpark? Because that same name seems to come up a lot. [MLive]

Pulaski, VA is an unlikely place for minor-league baseball. This year, the Mariners are fielding a team in the small mountain town, making them the seventh team to sign up with the short-season club since the 1940s. Minor league baseball fans welcome Pulaski back into the fold after an unexpected break in 2007. []

If you want great nicknames, you have to go to the all-Rookie Pioneer League. I think I would like to see a game out in Big Sky Country some day. [The Daily News]

Matt Wieters is tearing it up in his first full season of A-ball. The Catcher is clearly impatient to get to Baltimore, and is currently sporting a .478 average [ProFantasySports]

Not a lot today. Tune in Wednesday for AA news.

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