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Extra P put Ian Gac and his nine homeruns on the Z-Meter last week, but the pressure was apparently too much and Gac-Man immediately stopped hitting the ball out of the park. 

Until tonight.

Gac homered twice and drove in six runs, adding to his league-leading totals in both categories (11 and 32, respectively).  His 32 RBI are second-best in all of minor league baseball, trailing only Jesus Guzman of AA Midland.  The game story reports that his .378 batting average is second in the Midwest League, but the league web site lists him as number one in that category, so I don’t know who to believe (side note: anyone know the last player to win the Triple Crown in the Midwest League?  Or any minor league, for that matter?  I’m genuinely curious).

(Hey, I might’ve answered my own question.  Don’t when this was last updated, but we’ll go with Joey Meyer in 1984 as the unofficial answer, for now.)