Save Us, Jamie D’Antona, You’re Our Only Hope

As far as transactions go, it’s not quite as big as Clayton Kershaw’s arrival on the big league scene, but the Los Angeles Dodgers made a second move over the weekend, calling outfielder Terry Tiffee up from AAA Las Vegas to replace the injured Andruw Jones.  Tiffee, a career .286 hitter entering this season, led all minor leaguers with a .422 batting average through Saturday.

Jamie D’Antona (AAA-Tucson) and Luis Maza (AAA-Las Vegas) are the two remaining minor leaguers with .400 batting averages. 

This will be Tiffee’s fourth stint at the major league level.  He previously hit .226 in 91 games and 239 at-bats with the Minnesota Twins from 2004-06. 

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    The game story on Kershaw’s debut alerted me to an important fact: Luis Maza is also in the majors with the Dodgers, having been called up nearly two weeks ago. He is 7-14 thus far, including his first major league homerun on Sunday.

    Amazing what one can learn when one actually reads.


  2. NIPPIES!!!!!!!!!!!


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