Photos of the Elusive Minotaur

Bus Leagues correspondent Will G. took a pilgrimage from his home in Brooklyn last week in hopes of photographing the elusive Minotaur, also known as Clayton Kershaw. We are a blog with a minor league focus, but during the first season of a player’s call-up, we definitely like to follow them and see how things turn out.

Here’s Kershaw pitching against the New York Mets in Shea, with Will’s commentary:

On the DiamondVision. It was the second consecutive walk, to Castillo in the bottom of the third, that precipitated the visit. Pitching coaches hate that.

Bottom of the third. Reyes walked, Castillo walked, Wright walked. Reyes is about to score on Beltran’s sac fly to center. Could’ve been a lot worse; Beltran hit it pretty well.

Kershaw at rest.

Kershaw in action. Kind of like an ’82 Topps card.

Bottom of the fourth. Three straight singles, two fielder’s choices, and a walk, and that was all she wrote.

Chan Ho Park would get the final out, no further damage done. There was a small smattering of applause for the Minotaur.

Looks like a nice night out at the ballpark. Even though the Minotaur had a rough outing, it must have been nice to actually see how the legend compared to reality. Thanks again for the great pics, Will!

[Will’s flickr photo set]

4 responses to this post.

  1. Thanks for picking this up, Extra P. I should perhaps note here that my buddy Alexis took a few of these shots. Just so he doesn’t think I’m some kind of glory hound.


  2. Love the second photo. I’m a sucker for a good shot of a pitcher in mid-motion.


  3. I used to get kind of creeped out by how elongated a pitcher’s arm looks when he’s hurling. It makes you understand why they need the bucked of ice after the game.


  4. […] is not actually the first fairytale creature to play in the majors, however. Clayton Kershaw is a Minotaur. Eddie Gaedel was clearly of gnomish provenance, and Randy Johnson has Uruk-hai written all over […]


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