Ballpark Wish List: The Brooklyn Cyclones

For some reason I cannot adequately explain, I really want to go see a minor-league game at Coney Island. The Brooklyn Cyclones have been there since 2000, playing in the short-season New York-Penn League, and eventually sending their best players up the ladder to the Mets.

I guess the combination of amusement park, Nathan’s hot dogs, and baseball sounds good to me, even though I must admit that I’ve never been to New York, so my potential enjoyment of it all is very theoretical. For me, it would be an adventure.

For residents of the boroughs, however, attending a Cyclones game has apparently become something of a political statement:

With a sellout crowd of 8,673, Chris Garrett, 41, of Bushwick, Brooklyn, had to stand. “No spoiled millionaires here,” he said.

A Cyclones fan since 2001, Mr. Garrett was one of dozens of fans who said KeySpan Park helped them imagine the Brooklyn Dodgers and Ebbets Field, that intimate, lost temple of baseball.

“I come to watch real baseball without the greed,” said Mr. Garrett, who works as a courier and a part-time photographer. “These kids play a great game. It’s like ‘American Idol’ out here. They’re doing their best to be called up.”

[New York Times]

It’s tough to find that balance. Personally, I enjoy watching the spoiled millionaires when they’re playing at their best. But MLB has been, and always will be, a luxury for me. I live too far from the nearest major league team. So for most of my summer baseball needs, the bus leagues, with their cheap tickets, carnival attractions, and VFW BINGO! outfield signs, will serve very nicely.

But if I find myself in Brooklyn any time soon? I may just have to find my way over to Coney Island. And invite the only nearby residents I know – Will and Will. Who else is coming?

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  1. It would be an honor to catch a Cyclones game with you–and to roll around the borough, or at least ride the Wonder Wheel, to catch some of the sights.

    Seriously, anytime. And you have a place to crash, too.


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