This Week In Bobbleheads, Part 5

One of these days I’ll actually get up to Stadium and get one of the many Red Sox-related bobbleheads being given away by the New Hampshire Fisher Cats this season. This week’s, as seen below, is Jacoby Ellsbury. Get there early: they’re gonna go fast! (Get it? Because Ellsbury is really fast! Ha! Thank you! I’m here all week!)

For more info on bobbleheads past, present and future, get thee to The True Bobblehead Board, the proprietor of which puts together this list each week.

Monday, June 23
Princeton Devil Rays Rocco Baldelli Figurine (first 500) – Oh, how the mighty have fallen for this once promising star.

Quad City River Bandits – Rascal (Mascot) (first 1500 kids) – Mascots were put at ballparks for kids anyway, so no biggie here.

Wilson Tobs – Justin Verlander (first 250) – These must be leftovers from a previous overorder and lack of participation the last time this was given.

Tuesday, June 24
Cleveland Indians – Travis Hafner Mini – A big guy like Pronk as a mini bobble? Does this make any sense?

Everitt Aquasox – Frank (Mascot) (1000 kids 14 and under) – Pass the mustard

Nashville Sounds – Frank Plaster – Local Radio personality

Savannah Sandgnats – Gnate – Yes the G is silent here too.

Wednesday, June 25
Atlanta Braves – Brian McCann – First Major League bobble having been already produced at the A and AA levels.

Trenton Thunder – Chien-Ming Wang (first 2000) – Will this bobble continue to draw the big bucks like past Wangs that had garnered $500+?

Thursday, June 26
Wisconsin Woodchucks – Jim Gantner (first 1000) – From Cheesehead to Woodchuck all in the same state.

Friday, June 27
Erie Seawolves – Tom Brookens (first 1000) – Another former player turned manager rising fast through the bobble ladder. First was in West Michigan.

New Hampshire Fisher Cats – Jacoby Ellsbury (first 2000) – Never played here and the bobble is in the Lowell jersey with just a different sponsor plaque.

Pittsburgh Pirates – Dave Parker – Part of the Lumber Company series.

Princeton Devil Rays – Jonny Gomes (first 500) – Just don’t show these to Shelley Duncan.

Stockton Ports – Splash (Mascot) (first 1000) – Last of the 4 part series.

Wilmington Bluerocks – Jacoby Ellsbury (first 1000) – He definitely did play here as opposed to the above where they just used one mold for 2 bobbles

Saturday, June 28
Arkansas Travelers – George Kell (first 1000) – He will also be there to autograph them as well.

Lake County Captains – Buster Bluegill (Mini) (Mascot) – The first in a set of 4 mini fish bobbles.

Lakewood Blueclaws – Carlos Ruiz (first 2000) – Another in the long line of ‘Claws that have “Made the Phillies”

Omaha Royals – George Brett Figurine – Hope the pine tar is at its legal limit.

Rockford Riverhawks – Billy Williams – The Cubbies HOF set continues.

Sacramento Rivercats – Del Rodgers – Local Radio Personality

Sunday, June 29
Minnesota Twins – Paul Molitor Bronze Statuette – Another HOFer in Bronze form.

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