Now Pitching For The Florida Marlins…

This is strange territory for me.

Usually, “Now Pitching/Batting For” posts are reserved for prospects on Baseball America’s Top 100 list, those players that anyone who follows baseball is just itching to see in a major league uniform.  The Jay Bruces, Clayton Kershaws, and Cameron Maybins of the world, if you will.

I thought Eulogio De La Cruz was on the Top 100.  I really did.  Turns out, though, that I was tricked into thinking that by my compatriot Extra P, who includes him on the Z-Meter every week and is delighted by his name as much as the numbers he puts up.*

*I am a huge fan of unusual names – two of my nieces are named Shakeira and Taliyah – but as we all know, people can go too far.  The other night at the mall, a little girl started running away from her mother, and what do I hear?  “Pandora, stop!”  That just strikes me as cruel, although I did suggest that if my wife and I ever have twins, I’m going to name them Pandora and Box before she’s lucid enough to stop me.

Technically speaking, De La Cruz shouldn’t be mentioned in this type of post (pay no attention to the Wladimir Balentien behind the curtain).  He’s not one of the Top 100, he’s already appeared in the major leagues this season (for a whopping three innings), he’s 24-years-old.  But when you get down to it, he belongs in a NPF post for one reason: Extra P’s “irrational sense of whimsy”, which is really what this blog is all about.  We do it to entertain ourselves, and if that means hyping a guy just because his name is Eulogio, then we hype a guy just because his name is Eulogio.  That’s just how we roll.  Recognize.

Anyway, Eulogio (or “Frankie”, as the story on his callup referred to him) will be doing his second tour with the Marlins this season.  It can’t go any worse than the first, when he was brought up, roughed up the Giants, and promptly shuttled back to the Bus Leagues.  The story suggests that he might be around a bit longer this time, largely because he provides a valuable option for long-relief and has suddenly figured out how to control his curveball, which was the Matt Tuiasosopopo of his repertoire not too long ago.  Eulogio now has four pitches – fastball, changeup, slider, curve – that he can throw for strikes.

One response to this post.

  1. This guy is pure garbage. Worst pitcher in the Marlins history.


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