This Week In Bobbleheads, Part 6

Little late this week. Fortunately, there’s still time to get any bobblehead on this list (unless Reading or Tri-City are playing those awful 10:35 AM games that teams occasionally schedule these days).

Monday, June 30
Reading Phillies – Jimmy Rollins (first 2000 18 and over) – The reigning NL MVP, this time for the adults.

Tri- City Valley Cats – Mayor Jerry Jennings (first 1000) – First of a 3 part Mayoral series.

Tuesday, July 1
Long Island Ducks – Bob Ottone (PA announcer) (first 1500) – The voice of the Ducks bobbles behind his podium.

Lowell Spinners – Ted Williams (first 1500) – The Splendid Splinter in an Aviator pose.

York Revolution – Downtown (Mascot) – The stadium must be in downtown York. No clue on the mascot’s nickname.

Wednesday, July 2
Trenton Thunder – Scott Patterson (first 2000) – From the independent leagues to AA to AAA, Patterson finally gets to bobble nirvana.

Thursday, July 3

Friday, July 4
Orange County Flyers – Coal Train (Mascot) – Planes, Trains, Automobiles, and now mascot bobbles.

Saturday, July 5
Colorado Rockies – Matt Holliday (first 10,000) – Over the July 4th weekend, the Rockies give out Hol(l)iday cheer.

Sunday, July 6
Milwaukee Brewers – Barrel Man (Mascot) – No slide attached to this fun giveaway.

List and commentary supplied by Eric from The Only Accurate Bobblehead Collectors Board.

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  1. Downtown is the mascots name. You can see pictures of the mascot and the bobblehead on


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