Scott Radinsky Will Rock & Roll All Night, Teach You the Splitter Every Day

Our friends over at Hugging Harold Reynolds have been known to turn up a great story now and again. Fortunately for us, they found one that plugs right into our governing ethos here at Bus Leagues, and they shared it.

Scott Radinsky is what I’d call a 21st-century renaissance man. He worked his way up to the majors as a relief pitcher, throwing his last pro pitch in 2001. During that time, he was burning the midnight oil as a member of the punk band Pulley.

After his playing career ended, Radinsky didn’t rest. He continued making music with Pulley. He started a skate park called Skatelab. And he is a pitching coach for the AAA Buffalo Bisons (Indians). Makes for a busy day.

For a look inside the mind of a man who refuses to be pigeonholed, read the interview at HHR.

[Hugging Harold Reynolds] [They Really Love Minor-League Baseball]

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