This Week in Bobbleheads Part 9

Let me introduce myself.  I’m Eric the promo guy and bobblehead addict whom the Bus Leagues has found as the chief source of the most accurate bobblehead listings in the hobby today.  My forum and trading site at not only has the most accurate listings of bobbleheads/figurines past, present and future in the major sports, but also is a community which traders augment their collections.  Other boards of its kind may boast more members and hit counts, but having aliases along with hitting the F5 key as many times as possible to create false numbers to draw people in is not a way to run a forum.  As the title says, it’s for the true collector only.  I urge all of you that take a peek at this each week to join me and the rest of its members and build with us.  Above all, accuracy counts!!  Enough about me, on with this week in Bobble land.

Bowie Baysox 7/21/08 Lindsay Czarniak – First 500 fans – This is actually a completion of the Czarniak promo.  Ms. Czarniak was supposed to come on this date to sign bobbles for the fans, but scheduling conflicts prohibited her from doing so, so she changed her appearance to 7/17 to accommodate the signature requests of 750 bobbles and the completion being done here with her not appearing.

Princeton Devilrays 7/22/08 Jason Pridie – First 500 fans – Pridie was involved in a blockbuster deal that sent him along with Delmon Young to the Twins, yet the team is still doing the giveaway.

Round Rock Express 7/23/08 Nolan Ryan Figurine (Rangers) – First 3000 fans – The owner of the team in a Rangers uni figure.

Wisconsin Woodchucks 7/23/08 Ryan Braun – First 150 – Same as what the Brewers gave earlier for this 2008 NL All-Star.

Lowell Spinners 7/24/08 Clay Buchholz (No Hitter) – First 1500 – The Spinners celebrate another alumnus with a Major League No-No under his belt.

Erie Seawolves 7/25/08 Jeff Larish – First 1000 – Catch a resin figure of this Detroit Tigers rising star in his Erie uniform.

Lakeland Flying Tigers 7/25/08 Justin Verlander – First 1200 – This pitching stud is part of the Tigers’ 08 2nd half surge.

Los Angeles Dodgers 7/25/08 Brad Penny – This former Marlins prospect now in Dodger bobble form marking his 2nd time in the hobby books.

Orange County Flyers 7/25/08 Coal Train (Mascot) – Great mascot bobble for the team owned by James Denton, whom ladies know as the plumber from Desperate Housewives fame.

Pittsburgh Pirates  7/25/08  Al Oliver – Another in the famed ’08 “Lumber Company” series.

Southern Maryland Bluecrabs 7/25/08 Brooks Robinson Figurine – First 1500- Brooks won’t be there to sign them so that he can attend to the HOF ceremonies.

Wilson Tobs 7/25/08 Bill Valentine – Went on to become president of the Texas League but still remembered here.

Cincinnati Reds 7/26/08 Adam Dunn (80’s Jersey) – The subject of many trade talks will don a retro look in this rendition.

Harrisburg Senators 7/26/08 Rob Deibler (HS Coach) – Guess they ran out of alumni, so they went with this local HS guy.

Lake County Captains 7/26/08 Pauley Perch (Mini) (Mascot) – Go fishing for the 2nd in the series.  Kids, collect all 4.

Las Vegas 51s 7/26/08 Brad Penny – First 2500 – Dodgers leftovers of Penny.

San Angelo Colts 7/26/08 Casey (Mascot) – Casey the Colt always entertains, especially as a bobble.

Brooklyn Cyclones 7/27/08 Sandy Seagull (Mini) (Mascot) – Always a fan favorite along with his partner PeeWee, who will also be a mini bobble in a future promo.

Corpus Christi Hooks 7/27/08 Rusty/Sammy Double (Mascots) – Rusty the Hook and Sammy the Seagull are together for the first time as a double bobble.

Oakland A’s 7/27/08 Dick Williams – First 15000 – Recently honored at the 2008 MLB All-Star game for his HOF managerial triumphs.

San Francisco Giants 7/27/08 Matt Cain – Part of the Giants Big 3 in their rebuilding process.

Toronto Blue Jays 7/27/08 Alex Rios Figurine – It won’t bobble but makes a terrific mantle piece.

Washington WildThings 7/27/08 Chris Sidick – In 2006 Sidick was 3rd in all of organized professional baseball with 16 triples in only 95 plate appearances that season.

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