Travis Snider is Inching Toward Ontario

Kudos to OMDQ for making it out to see Travis Snider win the AA Home Run Derby. Because the slugger is back, back, back, GONE!

Reports from the Fisher Cats, who gave Snider a home for 98 games this season, indicate that Snider is on his way to the AAA Syracuse Chiefs. I took the liberty of making a google map of Snider’s summer, and it gives a pretty good graphic representation of the leaps and bounds the DH has made this season.

View Larger Map

He started in the swampy heat of Florida, with the Dunedin Bluejays. After just 17 games, Snider got the call to AA with the New Hampshire Fisher Cats. That got him as far north as he needed to go, but this westward jaunt to Syracuse, NY puts him about 200 miles away from his most-hoped-for destination: the Toronto Bluejays.

Good luck to Mr. Snider. We feel like we’ve traveled a long way with you this season, if only in spirit.

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