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This Week in Bobbleheads Part 13

Pennant races are heating up in baseball, and bobbleheads are there to continue to lead the charge in promotions as well. Follow past, present and future bobblehead giveaways here and on my website at Come trade with us in baseball and the other major sports as well. Here’s the week ahead:

Altoona Curve 8/20/08 Todd Parnell – Can’t think of a player to honor? Why not use the GM’s image? It’s a no brainer, lol.

Corpus Christi Hooks 8/20/08 Hunter Pence Figurine – Big week in Corpus with the Pence figure followed by a Presidential bobble.

Long Island Ducks 8/20/08 Bud Harrelson/Dan Dantona Double – Dantona Industries has always been the sponsor for Buddy’s bobble, now we get to see what the owner of the company looks like.

Philadelphia Phillies 8/20/08 Chase Utley – Another Utley? Can’t Philly come up with someone else to honor?

Trenton Thunder 8/20/08 Jose Tabata – Was part of the deal that brought Xavier Nady, Damaso Marte to the Yankees from the Pirates, yet too late to switch bobble likenesses.

Los Angeles Dodgers 8/21/08 Joe Beimel – The fans spoke up and Beimel wins a figure giveaway.

Norfolk Tides 8/21/08 Justin Upton – Iustin completes the Local Heroes series.

Sioux Falls Canaries 8/21/08 Dan Christopherson – Part of the Cartwright Brothers group. Dan stands alone this time.

Lexington Legends 8/22/08 Josh Anderson Figurine – Astros prospect now has something for the mantle.

Peoria Chiefs 8/22/08 Roofman (Mascot) – I guess this is different from a prior Dayton one.

Salem Avalanche 8/22/08 Tim Wakefield – Another bobble for the knuckler.

San Francisco Giants 8/22/08 Renel Brooks-Moon (PA Announcer) – First female PA announcer in MLB to have this honor.

Arizona Diamondbacks 8/23/08 Eric Byrnes – Byrnes has his first NL bobble after being honored previously by the A’s.

Auburn Doubledays 8/23/08 Rich Wild (Groundskeeper) – Follows in the footsteps of Opie Cheek, Thomas Marks and Nicole Sherry as the only groundskeepers with bobbles.

Batavia Muckdogs 8/23/08 Chase Utley – 2nd Phillies All-Star to have a bobble here along with a previous Ryan Howard.

Binghamton Mets 8/23/08 Steve Kraly – Popular Yankees pitcher in the 1950s still is the official scorer for the BMets.

Charleston Riverdogs 8/23/08 Ken Carrington (PA Announcer) – Carrington won the fan’s hearts so he gets his bobble.

Charlotte Knights 8/23/08 Homer (Mascot) – The lovable dragon continues as a mainstay for the Knights.

Colorado Rockies 8/23/08 Todd Helton – A future HOFer with Colorado.

Corpus Christi Hooks 8/23/08 Teddy Roosevelt – Finishes off a busy promo week in Texas.

Lake County Captains 8/23/08 Wally Walleye (Mini) Mascot) – Completes the mini fish series.

Portland Beavers 8/23/08 Lucky (Mascot) – Never really knew that Beavers were lucky.

Potomac Nationals 8/23/08 Justin Maxwell (Mini) – Up and coming Nationals star was supposed to have a regular size bobble but got cut down to size as a mini.

Vermont Lakemonsters 8/23/08 Orlando Cabrera – First ever bobble giveaway in Vermont for this popular former Expo.

Milwaukee Brewers 8/24/08 J.J. Hardy – Streaky SS gets to immortalize himself.