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Bowling Green Nickname Contest Down to Seven Finalists

I relayed the news a while back that the Columbus Catfish (Rays) would soon be moving to Bowling Green, Kentucky. An open call for a new nickname was issued by the franchise, and fans responded. Our Buddy Will G. suggested Bowling Green Corvettes, because the automobile is made in BG. I actually think that’s better than any of the auto-themed choices below, but there may have been a copyright issue we are not aware of.

Here are the finalists:

Bowling Green Speedsters: Speedsters combines Bowling Green’s automotive heritage with the speed of Minor League Baseball pitching. Imagine fast cars, fast players and fast pitches!

Bowling Green Cave Shrimp: Bowling Green’s Mammoth Cave is home to the endangered Kentucky Cave Shrimp, a sightless albino shrimp. The blind cave shrimp has been registered as an endangered species since 1983.

Bowling Green Hot Rods: For years, Hot Rods have raced on the drag strip at Bowling Green’s Beech Bend Park. The area hosts the annual Hot Rod Reunion and Buick Grand Nationals. Hot Rods celebrates the Corvette heritage and the city’s love of motorsports.

Bowling Green Bluegills: Many Bowling Green citizens fish in the nearby Barren River for Bluegill, a freshwater fish notorious for nibbling and stealing bait off a fisherman’s hook.

Bowling Green Turbos: Turbo is the key ingredient to giving an automobile more power! And a turbo-charged team will be taking the field at a high rate of speed!

Bowling Green Sparkplugs: Sparkplugs celebrates the Corvette heritage and the city’s love of motorsports while embracing the fun kind of team name Minor League Baseball is known for.

Bowling Green Mammoths: Mammoth Cave is the longest underground cave system known in the world. Mammoths celebrates Bowling Green’s connection with the cave region while providing great mascot opportunities.

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Words cannot express how much I want this nickname to be Cave Shrimp. God I love that name. What terrorizes an opponent more than a blind, translucent crustacean? And, if you can’t terrorize your opponents, at least you can scare the pee-waddins out of the young children with a visit from the mascot.

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