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Sacramento believes in Obama in Bobbleelection

Another area of the country has spoken and Barack Obama has made a clean sweep of this year’s bobbleelections. The Rivercats are the 8th team to have such a promotion and although results were not published, I was told that the Obama bobbles ran out about 10 minutes prior to the McCains. 750 of each were distributed.

Imagine if they had Biden and Palin bobbles? I would think Palin would win since she’s better looking than Biden, haha.

This Week in Bobbleheads Part 15

The days get shorter and so do the list of promos in September. Nontheless, I will be around to give information on every bobble promo till the end of 2008 and beyond. Here’s this week’s action.

Delmarva Shorebirds 9/1/08 Irv Brumbley – Friendly usher at Purdue Stadium will even sign them for fans.

Iowa Cubs 9/1/08 Tony LaRussa – I think he played in Iowa during his playing days.

Lowell Spinners 9/1/08 Jonathan Papelbon Bronze Statuette – Spinners also have a plan if you buy 4 tix to this game or the 9/2 game that you get a Pap bobble as well.

Orem Owlz 9/3/08 Chris Pettit – Named Angels organizational player of the month for June 08.

West Michigan Whitecaps 9/4/08 Curtis Granderson – Playoff giveaway as the Whitecaps play for another championship.

Bridgeport Bluefish 9/5/08 TBA – This is totally hush hush probably until the day of the giveaway.

Minnesota Twins 9/6/08 Rick Aguilera – Former Twin from the 1987 World Series Champion Team.

San Francisco Giants 9/6/08 Bengie Molina – This leaves Yankees catcher Jose as the only Molina not to have a bobble.

Milwaukee Brewers 9/7/08 Corey Hart – great end of the year honor for this 2008 all-star.

New York Mets 9/7/08 Johan Santana – Being given to kids 12 and under only.

St.Louis Cardinals 9/7/08 Albert Pujols – Could be in a batting champ pose.

Toronto Blue Jays 9/7/08 Joe Carter Figurine – World Series hero gets a statue.

Jack Of All Trades

Adam Ricks will probably not play in the major leagues.  There are three reasons: one, he will be 26 years old this month; two, he has played 23 games above the Class A Advanced level in five minor league seasons; and three, he OPSed .406 for Charlotte (AAA, International) in 22 of those games last season.

But even if Ricks doesn’t get to The Show eventually, he will be able to look back on his minor league career and note that he once accomplished something unusual: on August 31, 2008, as a member of the Winston-Salem Warthogs, he played all nine defensive positions.

Ricks began the game behind the plate, his natural position, and moved right-to-left around the diamond, starting at first base in the second inning.

“Our manager does it every year and I was the lucky one to do it this year,” he said. “I’m not sure why he picked me, probably because he thought I could do it. He asked me yesterday before the game if I wanted to do it and when. I had a lot of fun with it.”

You could argue that the manager, Tim Blackwell, is making a mockery of the game by making this an annual event, but I disagree.  The Warthogs had already wrapped up a spot in the playoffs, so the pressure to Win-Win-Win was taking the day off, and I’m sure this is Blackwell’s way of reminding the players – most of whom are kids in their early twenties – how lucky they are to be playing baseball for a living. It’s the sort of thing a good boss does from time to time.

As for why he chose Ricks, I think that was already answered above.  He’s a veteran player who has spent parts of the past three seasons with the team and unless he does something special next year, this might have been one of his last opportunities to make some positive memories as a professional baseball player.  No matter what, from reading the article, it sounds like he succeeded.