This Week in Bobbleheads – Spring Training Edition

2009 Spring Training couldn’t come soon enough.  Along with that comes certain promotional dates which of course include some bobbleheads.  I’m going to provide all Spring Promo dates in this edition and will continue to provide our readers with week by week bobblehead coverage as the season progresses.

Milwaukee Brewers 2/28/09 Barrelman (Mascot) – First 1000 fans – The partner of famed Bernie Brewer in a reprise of the 2008 giveaway.

Minnesota Twins 3/14/09 Random Season Ticket – Given to 1000 fans via a lottery system – Fans with the lucky color chit that day will receive 1 of 4 from the 2008 season ticket holder bobblehead set.

Milwaukee Brewers 3/22/09 Random Past SGAs – First 1,000 fans – Your guess is as good as mine as to what Milwaukee will send to Maryvale, but it’s always a nice surprise.

New York Mets 4/2/09 Daniel Murphy – First 2,000 fans – A great way to end Spring Training to honor this up and comer.

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