I’m an Observant Fellow, Obviously…


You may remember that Brian and I finished the season last year with a meet-up at the Baseball Hall of Fame. Brian had his former boss Tim Wiles take me on an insider’s tour of the archives, and I wrote two articles about the fascinating experience. A short one ran on ESPN: the Magazine’s website, and I sold a much longer one to Baseball America, which was a real thrill for me.

The only problem was, I had no idea when they were going to run it. For a couple of months, I drove down to Barnes and Noble every two weeks to sneak a peek at the new issue, and never saw it, so I started to forget about it, since I’d been paid on acceptance.

This morning, I got curious about it again, so I googled it. Apparently, they ran it online in October. Yeah, I was right on top of that. Still, a major thrill to see my name in there, and I thank Brian and Tim for making it happen. If you have time to read it, here the ol’ thing is.

[Baseball America]

4 responses to this post.

  1. That was a tremendous piece. I was there during the tour and I think you pulled out every piece of relevant information that Tim threw out there.

    I’m assuming my commission is in the mail? 😉


  2. Yes. Per the terms of our partnership contract, I now owe you a hotdog and two beers at either Baltimore or D.C. this summer. This can be negotiated up to a basket of chicken tenders with fries and one beer if you wish.


  3. Saved your site, thanks for you info.


  4. Under no circumstances would have assumed I might discover this today. High quality job.


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