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Vin Scully on Nick Adenhart

Will sent this to me today. Only an iconic broadcaster like Scully could deliver a heartfelt eulogy while still describing the action of the game. It’s a testament to his career that I can hear this in my head even though I missed the original broadcast.

Not sure whether this would fit in anywhere at Bus Leagues, but I transcribed this from my MLB video-on-demand. It’s from yesterday’s LA-SD broadcast, top of the second inning.

“If I may speak for every member of the Dodger organization, our heartfelt and deepest sympathies to the mother and family of Nick Adenhart, and to every member in the Angels organization, for the untimely accident and death of young Nick last night at the tender age of twenty-two. Nick, from Maryland, had pitched six scoreless innings and was in a car with three friends, and a driver apparently went through a red light and T-boned the car, killing thee of the four, including Nick, and one other member is in critical condition. And if there is one thing I’ve learned in all my years — and I haven’t learned much — but the one thing I’ve learned: Don’t even waste your time trying to figure out life.

Ground ball through for Andre Ethier, and life continues for those who still have it. And with a leadoff single, Russell Martin will be coming up.

But I would say, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take a moment and say a prayer in memory of Nick, especially for his parents. What a shock to lose a twenty-two-year-old.

Andre Ethier at first base, Russell Martin the batter, James Loney on deck, and the Dodgers try to strike in the second inning against Kevin Correia….”

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Now Pitching For The Detroit Tigers…

Like it or not, pitchers and position players are different animals.  When a phenomenal talent like Albert Pujols comes along and requires only a single season of minor league seasoning before bringing his destructive talents to The Show, people look on in awe and wait to see what he’ll do next.

When a phenomenal talent like Rick Porcello comes along and requires only a single season of minor league seasoning, however, people get all, “Don’t you dare put that fragile young child in the rotation!  You’ll break him!  He needs seasoning!”  That last sentence would be a lot more funny if it wasn’t sort of true.

Like it or not, Porcello is a member of the Detroit Tigers, a bona fide major leaguer.  He debuted on Thursday, all of 20-years-old, against fellow newcomer Ricky Romero and the Toronto Blue Jays.  Porcello pitched okay (four runs on nine hits in five innings), but Romero won the duel (two runs in six innings) and the game, 6-2.  For those interested in the health of Porcello’s arm, he threw 89 pitches, 57 of them for strikes.

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