This Week in Bobbleheads Week 2

Now that opening day has come and gone, the smell of baseball is firmly entrenched in our senses and the promotions will start to pile up.  As the schedules get busier, so will I in reporting all there is to know about the hobby of bobbleheads week by week.  Ok here we go:

Detroit Tigers 4/13/09 Miguel Cabrera – First 10,000 fans – The AL HR champ in 2008 will add to his laurels with his 2nd Tiger prize.

Lehigh Valley Ironpigs 4/16/09 Shane Victorino – First 3,000 fans – The “Flyin Hawaiian” made a quickie rehab stint here as part of his 2008 World Series year.

Houston Astros 4/17/09 Lance Berkman – First 10,000 fans – In the 2009 version of his bobblehead, Berkman sports a puma glove on his right hand, giving props to his nickname “Big Puma”.

Seattle Mariners 4/17/09 Ichiro Suzuki – First 20,000 Fans – The annual tribute to this 2 time WBC MVP.

Minnesota Twins 4/18/09 Joe Mauer Bronze Statuette – First 10,000 Fans – He may be on the DL at present, but he is still regarded highly enough to be in bronze.

Pittsburgh Pirates 4/18/09 Ryan Doumit – His first solo act as a collectible figure after a prior feature as a triple threat bobble.

Toronto Blue Jays 4/19/09 Lyle Overbay – First 10,000 Fans – Seems to have decreased playing time with the addition of Millar, but still a fan favorite in collectibles.

These posts will continue weekly through0ut the season.  Be sure to check out The Only Accurate Bobblehead forum in the hobby today at .  If you see something that needs to be brought to our attention, such as adding dates or filling in missing dates, let us know there not to mention come to trade with us.

PS I will be attending the Victorino giveaway on 4/16 making the trek to Allentown shortly after the Yankees home opener at the new palace.  Come find me and say hello.


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