So Tell Me, Joe, How Do You Feel About Life In The Minors?

A project unrelated to Bus Leagues brought me to tonight.  Since it was my first visit in quite some time, I scrolled down the main page, which led to a section of articles on the minor leagues.  While none of the subject matter immediately stood out, the last quote at the bottom of the page made me laugh out loud. 

Joe Grzenda spent eleven years in the Minor Leagues and when he finally made it up to the Washington Senators he was quoted by “The Sporting News” as saying, “I’d like to stay in baseball long enough to buy a bus, then set fire to it!”

The Senators were actually Grzenda’s fifth major league team and he didn’t play there until eight years after his debut, but I can still appreciate the sentiment.  This was one man for whom the words “bus league” were clearly dirty.

According to both and, Grzenda is still living.  I would love to have a chat with him about those comments from forty years ago…and to find out if the $27,000 Baseball-Almanac reports that he earned from Washington between 1970 and 1971 was enough coin to get that bus.


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  1. That is awesome.


  2. Posted by Joe grzenda jr on November 7, 2017 at 10:03 pm

    Email to contact joe grzenda about the bus.
    No, that salary raised 2 children and ruth never
    needed an employer.
    They played for the love of the game.
    You could be fired if you had a bad outing at the wrong time.



  3. Posted by Joe Grzenda jr on March 30, 2021 at 10:44 am

    Dad said his salary was $22,000.
    We never had a lot of store bought clothes prior to 12 or so.
    Mom was a great sewer.
    After Dad retired they opened up a Boutique and Bridal shop. Of course, alterations were free.

    Play Ball


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