We Live for Minor-League Nickname Contests


A big thumbs-up to google alerts, which hipped me to this most recent new-team-naming contest.

Normal, Illinois – which places second only to Truth or Consequences, NM as a dream place to put a baseball franchise – will be fielding a new team next season. And they want us to help name it.

The top choice right now is “Coal Bears”, which sounds innocuous enough until the team points out that the pronunciation is eerily approximate to the name-sound of Comedy Central personality Stephen Colbert. That’s no accident, apparently.

Team president Steve Malliet says he would welcome the publicity of having a national spokesman such as Colbert, but he says he doesn’t know if Colbert is aware of the contest.

The other choices are the Normal Nutz, the Normal Nighthawks and the Normal CornBelters.

See what Jimmy Fallon started, with his adoption of the Chattanooga Mocs in this year’s NCAA tournament? Now we’ll start seeing teams like the Muncie Lettermans, or the Davenport Matt Lauers, popping up everywhere.

That said, I’m still going to the team’s website and voting for Coal Bears as many times as I can.

[Normalbaseball.com] [mystateline.com]


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