Jacoby Ellsbury Is The Fastest Kid Alive, Part II

Jacoby Ellsbury’s daring steal of home against the New York Yankees happened several days ago, but because related searches have brought many people to Bus Leagues since then, I thought it might be a good idea to post video of it here. YouTube has, as you might expect, been scrubbed clean, but Daily Motion had a quality clip of what just might be the most exciting play in baseball.

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Red Sox Monster was all about Ellsbury’s thirty-yard dash from the time it happened, including a nice breakdown of the various factors leading up to it.

One thing I haven’t seen mentioned anywhere (although I admittedly don’t watch or read nearly as much sports news as I used to) is that this is the second time in three seasons that Andy Pettitte got burned on a straight steal of home. As documented on Awful Announcing, Toronto’s Aaron Hill (a former New Hampshire Fisher Cat) got him on May 29, 2007. That play was arguably more embarrassing – with Ellsbury’s speed, you expected him to steal home someday. Hill, not so much.

The really surprising thing, at least to me, is that this continues to happen even though Pettitte is one of the best pitchers of the last 35 years when it comes to picking off baserunners.  I think ESPN said that he was second in that category since 1974, which makes you wonder how he has allowed two players in recent years to steal home on him.

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  1. Good find. Glad we can fulfill those searches!


  2. Pettitte has a great move to first in part because he’s a lefty: He’s facing first base, and he has an awesome trademarked “flip” move. Being a lefty, though, puts him at a disadvantage when runners are leading off third because he has his back to them, plus these days he throws more and more junk. I just wonder how Ellsbury got such a huge lead. Seems the 3B should take a little responsibility for this, too.


    • Will, good points. But the thing that really boggles the mind (aside from the fact that Berroa was playing third base from southern New Hampshire – he and Jeter were practically shaking hands) was that Pettitte was going from a full windup. With Jacoby Ellsbury, maybe the fastest and most daring baserunner in the majors, on third.


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