This Week in Bobbleheads – Week 5

Mayday Mayday the independent leagues have started.  All that means are more chances to score the coveted bobblehead promotions.  Here’s this week’s lineup:

Omaha Royals 5/4/09 Warren Buffett – First 1,000 – Second bobblehead for this multi-millionaire.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 5/6/09 Ervin Santana – Only Santana to have a bobblehead in 09.  Johan (no relation) had a Mets giveaway in 2008.

Lakeland Flying Tigers 5/8/09 Jim Leyland – First 1,000 – HOF manager with his first AL bobblehead.

West Michigan Whitecaps 5/8/09 Magglio Ordoñez – First 1,000 – Maggs rehabbed there in 2008 so what better way to celebrate it.

Cincinnati Reds 5/9/09 Joey Votto – First 30,000 This young slugger burst onto the scene in 2008. Nirvana strikes with his first MLB figure.

Cleveland Indians 5/9/09 Cliff Lee (Cy Young) – In this rendition he holds his Cy Young plaque from 08.

Frederick Keys 5/9/09 Matt Wieters – First 1000 – First affiliate to jump on the Wieters bandwagon.

Houston Astros 5/9/09 Carlos Lee – First 10,000 – His nickname means the horse and he’s holding the horse on a stick in this edition.

Oakland A’s 5/9/09 Justin Duchscherer – First 15,000 – The only 2008 all-star rep is honored here.

I will be attending the Frederick Wieters giveaway on the 9th on my way to the Orioles – Yankees game. Look me up and say howdy. Last week there were 3 giveaways in my area. Trenton’s manager Tony Franklin along with LI Ducks manager Gary Carter took great pride in signing their bobbleheads for me as well as their many fans.

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