This Week in Bobbleheads – Week 8

Memorial Day officially marks the start of Summer.  As the weather heats up, so does the amount of bobblehead giveaways.  Without further adieu, let’s take a look at this week:

Great Lakes Loons 5/27/09 Kirk Gibson – First 1,000 – The Loons celebrate Dodger greatness with the the first in a 3 part series.

Clearwater Threshers 5/29/09 Jimmy Rollins – First 1,000 – J-Roll is the 2nd in a 9 part bobble set in Clearwater.

Hagerstown Suns 5/29/09 Blue Devil – First 1,000 – Local high school mascot.

River City Rascals 5/29/09 Moses (Bible) – First 1,000 – Many teams have done faith night bobbleheads. Add the Rascals to the fray.

Arizona Diamondbacks 5/30/09 Steven Drew – Younger brother of JD from the RedSox who already has sported some bobbleheads of his own.

Connecticut Defenders 5/30/09  Tim Lincecum – First 1,000 – Considering he never played here it’s just a jump on the affiliation bandwagon.

Rockford Riverhawks 5/30/09 Mark Grace – First 1,000 – The independent league hawks remember the days of affiliated ball with this Cubbie HOFer as the start of a 3 part series.

Sioux Falls Canaries 5/30/09 Steve Shirley – 2009 will be Steve’s third season as the manager of the Canaries. Last year, Steve led the franchise to their second playoff berth and first league championship.

West Virginia Power 5/30/09 Barack Obama – First 1,000 – Any idea as to why he is wearing a basketball jersey in this version?

Milwaukee Brewers 5/31/09 Trevor Hoffman – Hoffy’s first with his new team, but the future HOFer has been around the bobblehead block many times.

Keep an eye out for your town’s giveaways here and on the only accurate bobblehead forum in the hobby today at .

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