$15 May Be A Bit Much For Minor League Baseball

A couple weeks ago, Extra P and I were talking about some ideas for Bus Leagues when he mentioned the Gwinnett Braves, specifically that it would be hilarious if they managed to outdraw their major league counterparts this season.

A quick check of the facts – Gwinnett was averaging about 5,600 per game at the time, compared to nearly 24,000 for Atlanta (although the Big Braves fill the ballpark to less than 50% of capacity on average) – made us realize that this pipe dream was just that, a dream.  (This realization did not stop us from being irrationally excited.  This is what minor league baseball does to us.)

Apparently, though, Gwinnett has it’s own problems – namely, some of the local folk consider the ticket prices to be outrageously high:

Apparently, the Braves organization forgot that this is minor league baseball. The Columbus Clippers are held up as leading the International League in attendance. What the writer fails to mention is that Clippers tickets are more reasonably priced.

And what is the deal with $6 hot dogs? I love baseball, but I wanted minor league because it is more cost-effective. If I want to get gouged, I will brave a trip inside the perimeter. It is painfully obvious that the Braves organization looks on Gwinnett County as a cash cow.

Frank Carter in Buford is mad as hell and he’s not gonna take it anymore.

I was ready to write this off as the sort of fan we used to see all the time in Nashua, the ones who complain that $8 tickets are WAAAY overpriced.  These are the people who generally want minor league sporting events to be presented totally free of charge.

Before I dissed Frank like that, I ventured over to the Gwinnett Braves web site to look at the prices for myself.  It turns out he’s kind of right – $15 for seats to a minor league game is a bit much.  $12 is probably too much as well.  As a general rule, anything over $10 is probably a little high, unless it’s some sort of special event like an All-Star game.

So, in the end, I don’t think we can pull off our master “hype Gwinnett over Atlanta and see what happens” plan, which is a shame.  Maybe Indianapolis vs. Pittsburgh would be better.

2 responses to this post.

  1. The only times minor league tix are that high is when there’s food involved such as all you can eat packages like Mandalay does with SI and Scranton.


  2. Or when the Gwinnett Braves make like the Yankees and set their prices way too high.


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