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This Week in Bobbleheads – Week 8 updates

Even baring a likeness of our fearless leader doesn’t stop problems from happening in the land of bobbleheads.  Seems the W. Virginia Power’s version of Barack Obama in a basketball jersey scheduled to be given out on 5/30 has been held up at customs.  The team is providing vouchers so that fans can pick them up when they finally arrive.

Also, the Tim Lincecum bobblehead that the Connecticut Defenders are distributing on 5/30 will bear him in a SF Giants jersey since he never played for the Eastern League affiliate.  PS.  I will be at this one so come over and say hello.

Now Batting For The Baltimore Orioles…

As Extra P told us yesterday in the latest installment of his award-winning Z-Meter, Matt Wieters is now a Baltimore Oriole.  He was called up earlier this week and will make his major league debut tomorrow, Friday, against the Detroit Tigers.  Birds Watcher is PUMPED about this.

I could tell you all about his stats last year, when he was Baseball America’s Player of the Year, or how he was rated as the number one prospect in all of baseball by that same publication, but you know all that already.  What don’t you know about?

How about Matt Wieters Facts?

Praise Jesus for Google, is all I can say, because that’s what led me to this magnificent corner of the web.  Some may accuse this site of basically ripping off the “Chuck Norris Facts” phenomenom, and while the concept is the same, some of the content is amazingly, extraordinarily different.

  • Matt Wieters Went The Wrong Way After Bunting, Ran 26,000 Miles, And Beat The Throw To First.
  • Matt Wieters Broke A Bat Last Night. Nobody Knows What Happened To The Ball.
  • Matt Wieters Hit A Homerun Into McCovey Cove In San Francisco. From New York.

That’s just a taste.  Oh, and they’ve also created his Hall of Fame postcard:


You have no idea how tempted I am to buy one of these.