College Baseball: Super Regionals Set

I’ve never had much of an interest in college baseball, but I have to admit that this year’s postseason tournament caught my eye in its first weekend.  If the programming geniuses at ESPN hadn’t confined it solely to the desolate wasteland that is ESPNU, I probably would have tuned in to check out a few games.  But that’s in the past – after four grueling days of double elimination hell, the field has been narrowed to sixteen teams.  The Super Regional portion of the tournament, a series of eight best-of-three matchups, will begin Friday, June 5 and conclude on Monday, June 8, at which point we will know the eight participants in this year’s College World Series.

For now, here are the Super Regionals.  Special kudos go to Extra P’s local nine, the University of Virginia, which was thrown into maybe the toughest region in the nation and advanced by beating Stephen Strasburg and San Diego State in the opener, then taking out top-ranked UC Irvine not once, but twice.

TCU (39-16) vs. Texas (44-13-1)
Southern Miss (38-24) vs. Florida (42-20)
Arizona State (47-12) vs. Clemson (44-20)
East Carolina (46-19) vs. North Carolina (45-16)
Cal State Fullerton (45-14) vs. Louisville (47-16)
Florida State (45-16) vs. Arkansas (37-22)
Virginia (46-12-1) vs. Mississippi (43-18)
Rice (43-16) vs. LSU (49-16)


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