Can college destroy a hitter too?

Before the post, a brief introduction. I’m Andrew, I was invited to join this conclave by young mister One More Dying Quail, and I’m only too happy to join up with this conclave. You might know me from The Grand National Championships or my brief appearance as Fat Guy #2 in Monk’s Super Bowl Spectacular.

But as we get into the College World Series and the baseball draft, we have to ask. Does college baseball ruin prospects? I’ve already made mention about how Augie Garrido ruins pitchers. But here’s my new premise.

Mark Marquess ruins hitters.

Unless you’re a hardocre Philly fan, you may not know who this is. But I’ll let you in on a little secret. He’s Michael Taylor, and he is made of speed and power. But he wasn’t exactly off to a fast start as he went to college.

Why? Because Mark Marquess has a system for hitters. Level swings. They must use only one plane of contact to their swing. Mark Marquess has won Pac-10 games with the better part of thirty-three seasons. And in that time, he’s had three hitters who have had moments above commonality.

Ed Sprague, Jeffrey Hammonds, and Carlos Quentin. That’s about it.  He’s brought more early round busts than professionals. And that’s not even if you count pitching…but anyway.

Why has Michael Taylor become such a professional success? And he is rolling up with a .351/.413/.600. He got away from the Stanford system. The Stanford system messed up people like Joe Borchard and Donald Lucy. And now?

The Phillies have a J.J. Davis whose actually developed some skills.


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