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This Week in Bobbleheads – Week 11

I’m still aghast over the Rays forcing the Clearwater Threshers to cancel their remaining bobblehead giveaways for the 09 season.  Is it a coincidence that the next scheduled giveaway was Pat Burrell, the former Phillie and present Ray?  Don’t get me wrong, I rooted for the Rays last year over the Phils and still believe that if JC Romero the cheater wasn’t on the team, coupled with the series of rain delays, Tampa would be celebrating a championship right now.  But to punish the Threshers fans by pulling this stunt, it puts a bad taste in my mouth right now.  Enough venting for now, onto Week 11:

Cleveland Indians 6/15/09 Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn – Nice momento from the movie Major League. Of course I’d rather Pedro Serrano.

Lakewood BlueClaws 6/15/09 Charlie Manuel – First 2,000 – It’s Lakewood’s turn to celebrate their parent club’s 2008 WS championship by doing their manager.

Memphis Redbirds 6/16/09 Bo Hart – First 1,000 – A popular Redbird alumnus who never quite cracked the majors.

Baltimore Orioles 6/17/09 Adam Jones – First 25,000 15 and over – The major part of the lopsided Erik Bedard deal with the Mariners.

Bowie Baysox 6/17/09 Matt Wieters Figurine – First 1,000 – Not only do you get the figurine, but you are also declared a prisoner at the stadium until every single statue has been given.

Portand Seadogs 6/17/09 Jed Lowrie – First 1,000 – Former 1st round pick ready for stardom.

Trenton Thunder 6/17/09 Austin Jackson – First 2,000 6 and over – Future CF of the N.Y. Yankees.

Birmingham Barons 6/19/09 Bobby Jenks – First 1,500 – Jenks was the closer for the Barons in 2005 and was called up directly to the Chicago White Sox to pitch in the World Series that year.

Minnesota Twins 6/19/09 Kent Hrbek (Legends of the Dome) – First 10,000 – Herbie was major in helping win the Twins 1987 title.

Seattle Mariners 6/19/09 Brandon Morrow – First 20,000 – Mariners can’t decide whether he is a starter or closer.

Round Rock Express 6/20/09 Roy Oswalt – First 3,000 – Hopefully the Express do something better than that Wizard outfit in Houston.

Sioux Falls Canaries 6/20/09 Sparky Anderson – First 1,000 – his team there was in Bridgewater.

Stockton Ports 6/20/09 Brett Anderson/Trevor Cahill Dual – First 1,000 – These 2 youngsters have taken Oakland by storm and are part of their young starting rotation.

Bethesda BigTrain 6/21/09 Manny Acta – First 500 – This was a late addition to the schedule this week (Props to Google alerts on this one.) A Ripken League team doing a night game bobblehead and Acta himself will apparently be there to sign them. Probably contingent on whether he still has a job with the Nats.

Cedar Rapids Kernals 6/21/09 Zach Johnson – First 1,000 – Local PGA golf pro.

River City Rascals 6/21/09 Joe Thatcher – First 1,000 – Former Rascals player now pitching in San Diego for the Padres.

I’ll definitely be at the Jackson giveaway in Trenton and the Manuel in Lakewood. Until next week, bye buckaroos. Stay in touch with the hobby on my personal trading board and discussion forum at

My Road to Omaha

I guess you could say I went through my own regional and super-regional to get to Omaha today.

I first flew to Philadelphia to meet up with Marco, the founder of Storming the Floor. We tried to get into the Phillies game with the Red Sox, but apparently people actually show up to watch two championship-caliber teams play, so we couldn’t get in. I did, however, experience some of the fabled “Marco Magic”, which leads to close encounters with famous people. Marco is well known for having chatted up O.J. Simpson (post-double-murder) as well as various other stars of stage and arena. His karma did not disappoint, as we stumbled across an episode of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” being filmed near The Bank. Marco was most excited to see Green Man, but I got more of a thrill out of the fact that Fred Savage was the director, and he was sitting ten yards away from us.

So, Philly was my regional. I went from there to the Super-Regional in New York, as we attended the Blogs With Balls conference. Though it was, in fact held in a basement (which we all appreciated) most everyone there was a fairly normal person. Special shout-outs go to Yahoo’s Puck Daddy, Greg Wyshinski, who is funny and very likable, and to Spencer Hall Orson Swindle of Every Day Should Be Saturday, who is the rare comedic alpha dog who is willing to laugh at other people’s jokes. Am I name-dropping? Hell yes I am. UffordSebekSarahSpain. Mottram.

This morning I arrived in Omaha, where I’ve taken in Arizona State’s win over North Carolina. I’ll be back tomorrow at 1pm for Virginia’s elimination game against Cal State Fullerton. I also met Brian Foley of the College Baseball Blog, who scored a swanky seat in the press box. Photos and recaps to come after I get back to Charlottesville!