Do You Have $1000 You Just Don’t Know What To Do With?

Now you do – buy stock in an independent minor league baseball team!

The Midwest Sliders of the Frontier League plan to sell bundles of 100 shares of stock at $10 per share to finance a $9.5 million ballpark project in Waterford Township, Michigan.  A maximum of 500,000 shares will be made available at a total cost of $5 million.

For now, the Sliders are calling Eastern Michigan University home.  The team is currently averaging 246 fans per game.

For the record, I asked my wife if we could spare $1,000 to buy stock in a minor league baseball team.  She said no.  But I would happily take part in a Bus Leagues conglomerate.   Come on, 100 readers, $10 per reader – how can it go wrong?

3 responses to this post.

  1. I think we would have to demand stadium naming rights. Or, failing that, maybe they could name a concession stand after us.


  2. frågor om blekning av tänder…

    […]s May I suggest an add button for twitter? m 9k[…]…


  3. […] Maybe I will take my one dollar and invest it in an independent minor league baseball team. […]


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