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I Need An APB On Willy Taveras!


This absolutely brilliant infographic comes from a site called Flip Flop Flyball. If Willy Taveras ends up writing the sequal to Folsom Prison Blues, you’ll know why.

Manny is Radioactive!!!


Remember those old Bugs Bunny cartoons, where Bugs would get lost, and then scratch his head and say “I must have made a wrong turn at Albequerque”?

Imagine how Manny Ramirez feels right now.

Man Ram began his comeback from suspension last night by joining the AAA Albuquerque Isotopes in a home game against the Nashville Sounds. Manny, like any recovering drug abuser, is taking life one day at a time:

Ramirez said his goals for his time in the Minor Leagues were pretty basic: “Get a feel for my legs, how my legs are going to respond.”


Manny being Minor League meant going 0-2 in limited action, so we won’t be seeing him on the Z-Meter any time soon.

Bus Leagues Road Trip – Part 2

Months ago, my friend Chris mentioned that he and his friend Billy were thinking about taking a summer road trip to Baltimore to catch a game.  What did I think?

I think it sounded like the greatest idea ever.

After asking for and receiving permission from the lady of the house, we began to plan.  A simple trip to Baltimore turned into an afternoon game at “New Shea” (as our own Will likes to call it) on Thursday, followed by an Orioles-Nationals tilt on Friday and a Royals-Pirates contest on Saturday.  On the surface, those don’t look like great games, but check out the expected pitching matchups for those three games:

Thursday: Chris Carpenter vs. Johan Santana

Friday: Ross Detwiler vs. Brad Bergesen

Saturday: Undecided vs. Paul Maholm

Originally, the “Undecided” was named “Gil Meche”;  the Tuesday-through-Friday starters are Greinke, Hochevar, Bannister, and Meche.  They apparently sent Kyle Davies to the minors on Saturday and plan to use a four-man rotation until Sidney Ponson returns, which means we should be seeing Greinke.

Throw in Albert Pujols, Adam Dunn, Ryan Zimmerman, Matt Wieters, Nolan Reimold, Nick Markakis, Luke Scott, and Andrew McCutchen, and eventually I start to forget that half the Mets regular lineup is on the disabled list.

(Really, the only place we dropped the ball was on Thursday.  The original plan was to catch a Red Sox-Nationals game in Washington, but that was scrapped for two reasons: one, Billy argued convincingly that it didn’t make sense to drive all the way to Maryland and see the same team twice (especially the Nationals), and two, scoring tickets to Sox interleague games seems like more trouble than it’s worth.  Of course, we might have thought differently had we known it would be John Smoltz’s Red Sox debut.)

I had hoped to see Will in New York on Thursday and Jordi Scrubbings in Baltimore on Friday, but both are otherwise occupied and unable to make it to the ballpark.  (Will, gracious as always, wrote, “Please accept my apologies and drain an extra $10.50 Coors Light for me.”  I’ll do my best, old friend.)  Baltimore will, however, be the scene of the second annual Bus Leagues Founders Convention* when Extra P ventures up from Virginia to join us for the O’s-Nats clash.  I told him he needs to finagle an interview with Ryan Zimmerman, if only to explain the existence of the Z-Meter to its namesake.

*This might be a made up event.

The trip will finish up on Sunday with a trip to the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.  I’m on vacation the next week as well, so you can expect plenty of posting during that time*.

*No, you can’t.  Vacation is like retirement: you go into it saying, “Gosh, I’m gonna have all this free time,” then the next thing you know, it’s over and you’ve accomplished nothing.

Depending on wireless access, I might try to post from the road over the weekend, but we’ll see how that goes.