Wednesday Was A Good Day

Bakersfield Blaze righthander Ryan Tatusko pitched the game of his life on Wednesday, allowing just a ninth inning single in a 2-0 win over Modesto. Lots of pitchers put up great performances, at all levels. But how many of them end up writing about it afterward?

Tatusko is writing regularly this season for The Newberg Report. After Wednesday’s game, he used that space to take the readers into the mind of a guy on the cusp of the greatest achievement of his life:

Inning 8

The inning starts with a 100 mph grounder to Kaase that he makes look so routine. He throws the runner out easily. Next batter, curve, curve, curve, strike three. Now with two quick outs in the inning, my heart is racing to get back into the dugout as fast as I can, and here comes walk number three. (Insert all four-letters words here). Next batter hits a worm-burner of a grounder on a 1-1 fastball to Kaase to get the force at second for out number 3.

Coming into the dugout my mind starts to race about what is going on, and now all of the sudden the people I was talking to to keep things light-hearted now want nothing to do with me. I try for anybody. Sarmiento? Fry? Chavy? Everyone is on the opposite end of the dugout and I am sitting, alone next to the trainer’s kit, trying not to psyche myself out, withy that 0 still staring at me in the face. I begin to think that already this is the best professional outing that I have ever thrown and how I am so blessed to even be in this position right now.

The whole thing is a short, fast read that will be well worth your time.

(Kudos to Baseball Musings for the tip)

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  1. Hey, if his minor-league career doesn’t work out, we should sign him up!


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