This Week in Bobbleheads – Week 14

Hope everyone had a terrific holiday weekend.  This week has in store a team who is finally doing a bobblehead giveaway for their first time ever; in fact they are doing 2.  Let’s find out who that team is, along with the rest of the week:

Willamsport Crosscutters 7/5/09 Charlie Manuel – First 1,000 – The insanity is finally over with the last farm team to produce the 2008 WS Champ.

Oneonta Tigers 7/6/09 Sam Nader – First 1,000 – Co-founder of the famed franchise that when it was Yankees produced John Elway.

Memphis Redbirds 7/7/09 John Gall – First 1,500 – Popular career minor leaguer who never seemed to stay in MLB long enough to get noticed.

Portand Seadogs 7/7/09 Justin Masterson – Versatile Red Sox pitcher can start or relieve becomes immortal.

Washington WildThings 7/7/09 TBA – First 1,000 –

Oneonta Tigers 7/8/09 Sid Levine – First 1,000 – Other co-founder of the long time Yankee, now Tiger affiliate.

Nashville Sounds 7/9/09 Ryan Braun – First 1,000 – Last stop before Milwaukee for this 2009 All-Star.

Quad Cities River Bandits 7/9/09 Barack Obama – First 2,000 – This night also features $2 beer and soda. What a stimulus package.

Lexington Legends7/10/09 JB Holmes/Kenny Perry Dual – First 1,000 – Apparently there was a tie in the “Legends of Lexington” fan vote so a dual bobblehead was decided upon.

Missoula Osprey 7/10/09 Firefighter – First 750 – The bobblehead will be dressed in the firefighter’s traditional hard hat, with a yellow shirt, green pants, and will be carrying a backpack and pulaski.

Tulsa Drillers 7/10/09 Bobby Jones/Ivan Rodriguez/Bubba Smith Triple – First 1,000 5 and over – Triple bobblehead dedicated to Drillers legends of the 90s.

Arizona Diamondbacks 7/11/09 Chris Snyder – First 25,000 – A candidate for the final NL all-star spot in 2009.

Fresno Grizzlies 7/11/09 Scott McClain – First 2,500 – He’s Minor League Baseball’s active career home run leader, and now he’s got his very own bobblehead!

Jacksonville Suns 7/11/09 Clayton Kershaw – First 3,000 – Even with the Dodgers leaving Jacksonville for Chattanooga, their legacy remains with this current Los Angeles pitching stud.

Kinston Indians 7/11/09 Scout (Mascot) – First 1,000 – Wonder if there will be any protesters not liking an indian in resin?

Norfolk Tides 7/11/09 Mark Reynolds – First 2,000 17 and under – The neighborhood stars series is in its 2nd season with Reynolds leading off.

Quad Cities River Bandits 7/11/09 Steve Dillard – First 2,000 – Dillard was once a Red Sox utility player, now a manager with a bobblehead, go figure!!

Stockton Ports 7/11/09 Archie Gilbert – First 1,000 – The well travelled Gilbert has taken 3 organizations before being bestowed upon.

Beloit Snappers 7/12/09 Paul Molitor – First 500 – Get there early for a rare piece of Brewer/Twin history.

San Francisco Giants 7/12/09 Brian Wilson – First 20,000 – No it’s not the Beach Boys singer, but the mohawk is a nice touch.

Tampa Bay Rays 7/12/09 Carl Crawford – First 10,000 14 and under – Kinda ironic that this is being sponsored by Tobacco Free Florida. Does that mean there is an epidemic of juveniles that light up?

Tri-City Valleycats 7/12/09 Henry Hudson – First 1,200 – 2009 marks the 400th aniversary of his famous crossing of a river bearing his name.

Wisconsin Woodchucks 7/12/09 Woody (Mascot) – First 500 – Another pose of the popular Woodchuck.

Saturday the 11th also marks my 45th birthday. Unfortunately no close giveaways for the day but I’m sure my day will be just as enjoyable.

5 responses to this post.

  1. You know, Elway put up some solid numbers, albeit as a low-level minor leaguer. His baseball career poses one of those fun “What if?” questions.

    Happy birthday in advance. My son’s birthday is the tenth, so we’ll be partying hard on the eleventh.


  2. Posted by Casey on July 8, 2009 at 9:52 pm

    Excellent Site!!! I just found it the other day. I can’t believe I didn’t know about it before. I love going to baseball games at all levels.

    I also love collecting bobblehead giveaways. I am interested in trading some of my bobbleheads with others who are interested. Do you know of any credible trading sites?

    Thanks for a great website. I will share it with all of my friends that are also baseball fans.


    • Casey – thanks for the compliment. It’s a labor of love for us.

      As for bobbleheads, the guy who wrote this post is your source. Click on his name in the comment above (comptixking) and it’ll take you to his trading board.


  3. Casey, welcome to the blog and thanks for liking my promo postings. Go to my site or feel free to email me at


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