Why the Giants should trade Jonathan Sanchez…

I know what you’re saying. Didn’t he just throw a no-hitter? And I’m all, yeah. That’s the point. They need a bat, his value will never be higher, as he is much like so many Jorge De La Rosa’s that came before him. He will tease, but ultimately let teams down.

And you know what? They don’t even need to bring up superstar prospect Madison Bumgarner to do it, either. Not to say he’s not going to be awesome, because right now he is pitching very well in Connceticut.  But the Giants have several other prospects who can change the world.

I’ll rank them in order of readiness for the show.

1) RHP Kevin Pucetas 6’4″ 225 AAA Fresno (8-2 3.22 ERA)

The man from Colbert Country has shown himself to be tricky. How else would someone with an 86-MPH fastball take it down in Triple-A? He’s a man built on his slider and his changeup and grit and intangibles. I mean, he got challenged by skipping Double-A and he’s navigating it with style and aplomb. If he gets a fair chance? He may not be an ace starter, but he’s going to have a long career.

Fun Fact: He will be the Southern Bob Tewksbury. 

2) RHP Tim Alderson 6’6″ 217 AA Connecticut (5-1 2.59)

Here’s why Tim Alderson’s interesting. He’s more of a command-control guy whose making his living on the lollipop curveball, but here’s the deal. He had five starts to start the season in San Jose. And while his command was spectacular? His stats were merely okay. So he gets called up.

And we find that Tim Alderson is handling himself quite nicely. He’s not ready yet. But they have a stew going.

Fun Fact: Tim Alderson’s dog died when he took his photo for Baseball America. How’s that a fun fact?  The Baseball America Photographer killed Sprinkles.

3) Henry Sosa RHP 6’2″ 190 AA-Connecticut (6-0 2.36)

Henry Sosa is the power hour of the Giants pitching prospects. His fastball is back up in the mid-90’s after his patella tendon surgery recovered slowly. 2008 was kind of lost for Henry. He does seem to have it back though. Mostly.

Sosa’s secondary offerings vary from average to meh, and his command precludes his readiness level. (About 1 walk for every 1.7 strikeouts.) And his strikeout rate doesn’t inspire either. Don’t look for Sosa to come quickly. But he has a real good shot to come correct.

Fun fact: Henry Sosa’s current baseball avatar? Jonathan Sanchez.

4) Scott Barnes LHP 6’4″ 185 A-San Jose (6-0 2.36)

For someone whose fastball only touches 89, he’s brought thunder in his short minor career. It’s owed to a deceptive delivery and a changeup that Trevor Hoffman would be proud of. The fastball can get to 92 and the curve is solid, but his is a game infused with Parlor tricks that Noah Lowry never had.

Fun Fact? Typing www.scottbarnes.com leads you to find out about whole different sort of craftiness.

That’s it for me. Tip your waiters.


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