The All-Golden Spikes Award Team

Thirty-two players have won the Golden Spikes Award as the nation’s best amateur player.  As luck would have it, that’s just about enough to put together a full team (thanks to Khalil Greene and Rickie Weeks, the only middle infielders who have won) – lineup, rotation, bullpen, and bench.  They even have a manager. It’s very exciting.

Before moving on, feel free to tip your cap to the six guys who didn’t quite make it: Alex Gordon (2005), Kip Bouknight (2000), Travis Lee (1996), Mike Kelly (1991), Augie Schmidt (1982), and Mike Fuentes (1981).  We hardly knew ye.

Starting Lineup

C: Jason Varitek, Georgia Tech (1994)
1B: Will Clark, Mississippi State (1985)
2B: Rickie Weeks, Southern University (2003)
SS: Khalil Greene, Clemson (2002)
3B: Bob Horner, Arizona State (1978)

OF: J.D. Drew, Florida State (1997)
OF: Pat Burrell, Miami (1998)
OF: Oddibe McDowell, Arizona State (1984)

DH: Robin Ventura, Oklahoma State (1988)

Starting Rotation
SP: Tim Lincecum, Washington (2006)
SP: Jered Weaver, Cal State-Long Beach (2004)
SP: Stephen Strasburg, San Diego State (2009)
SP: Alex Fernandez, Miami (1990)
SP: Ben McDonald, Louisiana State (1989)

RP: Mike Loynd, Florida State (1986)
RP: Jim Abbott, Michigan (1987)
RP: Mark Prior, Southern Cal (2001)
RP: Jason Jennings, Baylor (1999)
RP: Darren Dreifort, Wichita State (1993)
CL: David Price, Vanderbilt (2007)

C: Buster Posey, Florida State (2008)
INF: Dave Magadan, Alabama (1983)
INF: Tim Wallach, Cal State-Fullerton (1979)
OF: Mark Kotsay, Cal State-Fullerton (1995)
UT: Phil Nevin, Cal State-Fullerton (1992)

Manager: Terry Francona, Arizona (1980)

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