This Week in Bobbleheads – Week 16

Remember I had a dilemma as to whether to go to Michelle Obama bobblehead night or Hamels? I chose Michelle just so that Barack’s Brooklyn bobble wouldn’t be so lonely. That night the heavens opened up and there was actually a potential the game would be cancelled, which would have been awesome being that they opened the gates to start handing out the bobbles, and they would have had many leftovers to give out another night. Miraculously though, the storms ended and the start of the game was only delayed an hour, but I did complete both sets of Obamas. Here’s this week:

Memphis Redbirds 7/21/09 Dyar Miller – First 1,000 – A former Mets player turned minor league manager. Wonder if he’s still in playing shape, they can probably use him.

Los Angeles Dodgers 7/22/09 Manny Ramirez – First 50,000 – Hope it doesn’t come with fertility drugs.

Round Rock Express 7/22/09 Nolan Ryan – First 2,500 – This time, the xpress team owner has HOF plaque in hand.

Lowell Spinners 7/23/09 Justin Masterson – First 1,500 – Red Sox utility pitcher is the subject of possible trade rumors.

Madison Mallards 7/23/09 Maynard G. Mallard (Zip Line) (Mascot) – First 500 – Maynard seems to be going on a jungle adventure in this very original piece.

Clinton Lumberkings 7/24/09 Ian Kinsler – First 750 – This comes on the heels of “Turkey Leg Fridays” and a postgame concert to boot.

Erie Seawolves 7/24/09 Aramis Ramirez – First 1,000 – As a part of their 15th season celebration, the SeaWolves will feature bobbleheads from all three eras in team history. The first bobblehead features Aramis Ramirez from the Pittsburgh Pirates era!

Salem Redsox 7/24/09 Mayberry Deputy – First 1,000 – People to this day still think of Don Knotts.

Seattle Mariners 7/24/09 Franklin Gutierrez – First 20,000 – Finally someone other than Ichiro, haha.

Arkansas Travelers 7/25/09 Bobby Jenks – First 2,000 – The Travs celebrate one of the best pitchers to come through Ray Winder Field. Bobby Jenks pitched for the Travs from 2001-2003 and turned into a World Series hero for the White Sox in 2005.

Frederick Keys 7/25/09 Nick Markakis – First 1,000 – There’s even a sleepover plus fireworks planned for the night.

Pawtucket Pawsox 7/25/09 Jon Lester – First 4,000 14 and under – Are there even 4,000 kids around that area?

West Virginia Power 7/25/09 Pat White – First 1,000 – Famous college QB from the area.

York Revolution 7/25/09 Downtownaclaus Figurine – Great figure of the team’s mascot in a Santa suit.

Bowie Baysox 7/26/09 Scott Van Pelt – First 1,000 – Late addition to the schedule for this local sportscaster who eventually made it to ESPN fame. He is also scheduled to sign and throw a first pitch.

Indianapolis Indians 7/26/09 Nate McLouth Dual – First 4,000 – Gotta love a team that sticks to a committment of a bobble even after he leaves the organization.

Milwaukee Brewers 7/26/09 Bratwurst Racing Sausage – Where’s Randall Simon when you need him?

This week I may go down for the Markakis depending on how I do with Oakland signings. See ya next week.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I don’t really understand why Pawtucket does bobblehead giveaways for the first 4,000 kids. I went to a game there last year – the Dustin Pedroia bobblehead giveaway was announced as being 14 and under only, but by the middle innings they were handing them out to all comers, just to get them off their hands. I guess if you want a bunch of unhappy customers, that’s a good way to do things.


  2. For the Justin Masterson Bobblehead, we will actually have Masterson at the park that night. Great night should be had by all.


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