This Week in Bobbleheads – Week 17

Dog days of summer have started in baseball and the big push for bobblehead giveaways in the minors are very apparent in the month of August as these posts get larger and larger. Let’s get to this week then shall we?:

San Francisco Giants7/27/09Lou Seal (Stitch & Pitch) (Mascot) – What is more relaxing then going to a San Francisco Giants game than going with your needle arts projects too! Get your craft circles together for a fun filled evening with stitching and baseball. Fans will receive a very special Lou Seal themed bobblehead to take home along with being able to sit in the Stitch-N-Pitch area with other creative people. Rocker not included.

Bowling Green Hotrods 7/28/09 Joe Blanton – First 1,000 – Started in the A’s system and hit a homer in the 2008 World Series with the Phillies.

Memphis Redbirds 7/28/09 Adam Wainwright – First 1,500 – Wainright is being portrayed in his 2nd Redbirds bobblehead.

Wilmington BlueRocks 7/28/09 Everett Teaford – First 1,000 – The Rocks will try once again to give out Teafords since it was last postponed by rain. He has also been promoted to AA since.

Auburn Doubledays 7/29/09 Adam Lind – First 1,000 – The Bluejays powerful slugger began his rise to stardom here.

Madison Mallards 7/29/09 Maynard G. Mallard (Pitching) (Mascot) – First 500 – This time the jack-of-all-trades mallard will try his hand at pitching in bobblehead form.

Trenton Thunder 7/29/09 Derby (Mascot) – First 2,000 6 and over – Derby is the son of the Thunder’s original batdog Chase.

San Francisco Giants 7/30/09 Lou Seal (Policeman) (Mascot) – This time Lou Seal is in Police garb on motorcycle as part of Law Enforcement night.

Wilmington BlueRocks 7/30/09 Joe Biden – First 1,000 – The Delaware native has some catching up to do in political bobbleheads as this is his very first giveaway.

Evansville Otters 7/31/09 Jerry Sloan – First 500 – HOF coach in the NBA with several teams is being honored in his hometown.

Lake County Captains 7/31/09 Omar Vizquel – First 1,500 – Long time Indian and future HOFer at SS will get a bobblehead here.

Norfolk Tides 7/31/09 Ryan Zimmerman – First 2,000 17 and under – Another member in the neighborhood heroes series. He’s the Nats lone hitting hope.

Sacramento Rivercats 7/31/09 Eric Byrnes, Nick Swisher – First 1,500 – Not quite sure if there are 1,500 of each or is there equal amounts of each as part of a Rivercats anniversary duo.

West Michigan Whitecaps 7/31/09 Matt Nokes – First 1,000 – Another part of Tiger Fridays, Nokes will make an appearance as well.

Cleveland Indians 8/1/09 Victor Martinez – Can he be another trade deadline commodity?

Hagerstown Suns 8/1/09 Mike Mussina Statue – First 1,000 – Mussina played here when the Suns were a longtime Oriole affiliate.

Mississippi Braves 8/1/09 Phillip Wellman – First 1,000 – From what I’ve been told, this bobblehead will not throw a temper tantrum and there are no spare bases included.

Mahoning Valley Scrappers 8/2/09 Ted Toles – First 1,000 – Inducted into the Ebony Lifeline All Sport Hall of Fame, Ted Toles was honored in 1941 for his outstanding performance and leadership as a New Castle Indians baseball player.

Tampa Bay Rays 8/2/09 Scott Kazmir – Kids 14 and under – The 2008 AL champs series continues with this stud pitcher.

Wilmington will be my minors home away from home this week as I travel for the Teaford and Biden. Hope the weather holds up.


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