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This Week in Bobbleheads Week 18

The 2009 non-waiver trade deadline has passed and you have to feel so sorry for the people in Cleveland. You would think the Tribe would have the decency to schedule a Victor Martinez bobblehead giveaway before you had ideas of trading him, but as Murphy’s law would have it, the catcher’s figure was given barely 24 hours after being shipped to the Red Sox. What a way to bring in the month of August eh?

Brooklyn Cyclones 8/3/09 Darryl Strawberry – First 2,500 – The straw man comes to Coney Island for a bobblehead, first pitch, and hopefully an autograph session as well.

Springfield Sliders 8/3/09 Danny Cox – First 500 – The former St. Louis Cardinals pitcher and current Sliders pitching coach receives a figure. This is an encore of an earlier giveaway of the same bobblehead.

Memphis Redbirds 8/4/09 Rick Ankiel – First 1,500 – At least his diminished playing time since the Holliday trade hasn’t lessened his popularity as a giveaway.

West Virginia Power 8/4/09 Jesco White – First 1,000 – Nicknamed The Dancing Outlaw, he is scheduled to make an appearance to show his dazzling footwork and possibly his penmanship skills also.

Portand Seadogs 8/5/09 Michael Bowden – First 1,000 – Was the Bosox 1st round draft pick in 2005 hopeful to join the rotation someday in Beantown.

Springfield Sliders 8/5/09 Speedy (Mascot) – First 500 – Trying to think of something cute here…Ok to slide you should be speedy…Or if you are a White Castle fan, Sliders do go down kinda fast.

Augusta Greenjackets 8/7/09 Auggie (Mascot) – First 1,000 – A 6-inch tall bug, an exterminator’s nitemare.

Chattanooga Lookouts 8/7/09 TBA – First 1,000 – Why the Lookouts are always so secretive about their promos is beyond me. The only hint given is that it’s a local icon.

Erie Seawolves 8/7/09 John Lackey – First 1,000 – This time the Seawolves remember their times as an Angels affiliate.

San Francisco Giants 8/7/09 Jon Miller – First 20,000 – HOF Broadcaster for both the Giants and ESPN Sunday Night Baseball gets his first chubby figure.

Seattle Mariners 8/7/09 Ken Griffey Jr. – First 20,000 – Wasn’t on the original promo schedule, but when the M’s reacquired the future HOFer it’s a no-brainer.

Billings Mustangs 8/8/09 Chris Dickerson – First 1,000 – Has emerged as a top outfielder in Cincinnati.

Kansas City Royals 8/8/09 Frank White Figurine – First 20,000 – HOF infielder part of the 2009 bronze statuette series.

Springfield Cardinals 8/8/09 Bruce Sutter – First 2,500 – One of the sport’s dominant relievers in the late 1970s and early 1980s, he became the only pitcher to lead the National League in saves five times (1979-1982, 1984), and retired with 300 saves.

Stockton Ports 8/8/09 Noah (Bible) – First 1,000 – The Ports have a Faith Day promotion here.

Vermont Lakemonsters 8/8/09 Jason Bay – First 1,000 – This is the 2nd bobblehead in the Lakemonster’s history and continually asks the question,,, what if the Expos/Nats had held onto this future all-star? What a team they’d have!!!

Washington Nationals 8/8/09 Adam Dunn – First 15,000 – #1 will the Nats even draw 15,000? #2 Kinda funny that the day starts off with a pregame blood drive considering the team is so lifeless.

Yakima Bears 8/8/09 Shane Victorino – First 750 – Finished 1st in the online vote for last NL player in the 2009 All-Star game.

Florence Freedom 8/9/09 Tim Grogan – First 1,000 – Tim Grogan is in his 3rd season with the Freedom. He is a local product who has played most of his career as a 3rd baseman. Grogan was a 19th round pick of the New York Mets in 2005.

Toronto Blue Jays 8/9/09 Tom Henke Figurine – First 10,000 – The Jays pay homage to the greatest closer in the history of the franchise.

Speaking of the Mets, I will be in Brooklyn Monday for the Strawberry bobblehead.  Stay in touch with the hobby through the remainder of the season and beyond at