A Quick Word On The “Average Distance” Posts

The Cardinal Nation Blog.  That’s the name of the blog that linked to one of the “average distance” posts and pointed out a problem with it.

Normally I wouldn’t use a whole brand new post to mention something like that, but I like what’s going on in the comments section over there – one, I’m referred to as “the Bus Leagues blogger”, which is strangely amusing, and two, commenter JumboShrimp has thrown out a few thoughts about these posts and what they mean in terms of the relationship between major and minor league teams.

The reason I decided to do the “average distance” posts was rehab assignments.  Basically, I was curious to see if most teams kept affiliates nearby so they could rehab a player in the minors and still have him close at hand and ready to join the major league team when finished.  Also, Toronto’s top affiliate is in Las Vegas, which has fascinated me since it was announced this summer.

I do have some more affiliate-related stuff I’m working on, because I think it’s interesting, and hope to incorporate some of the stuff that was mentioned by JumboShrimp as well.


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