You Have To Appreciate Good Customer Service

Last night, I ordered tickets to the New Hampshire Fisher Cats-Portland Sea Dogs doubleheader at Stadium on August 29. My friend Billy and I had talked about getting up there for a game or two before the end of the season, so I suggested the two-for-one special and he agreed. It was originally supposed to be a sort of family night, with my wife and his girlfriend in attendance, but his lady is going to be extremely pregnant by the time the game rolls around and mine didn’t want to go with just me and Billy. So I ordered two tickets and called it a night.

When I texted Billy this morning to let him know the tickets were ordered, he told me that his girlfriend had changed her mind and now wanted to go. Well, if his girlfriend was going, my wife was going to want to go, which meant that I had a dilemma – how to get two more tickets in the same area.

The Fisher Cats box office opens at 9:30. At approximately 9:28, I gave them a call and spoke to a very nice and helpful gentleman named Joel, I think. Maybe it was Joe. Either way, he listened to my problem, took my information, worked some magic, and figured it all out. Got us two seats right next to the ones I’d already ordered. Total time on the phone: about ten minutes.

Of course, certain things worked in my favor. I ordered the tickets late last night and got to them early this morning, so there probably weren’t many orders in the meantime. I got the impression, however, that Joel would have done whatever he could to help me out, regardless of the situation, and that type of customer service is impressive.

Actually, the coolest thing was that as we were getting ready to hang up, he said that he was going to send a confirmation email with my receipt to my email address. Seconds later, I received a text message telling me that I had an email from the team’s ticketing service. It was that fast.

We’ve had good experiences with the Fisher Cats before, in terms of ballpark operations, so it’s nice to see that their professionalism extends to multiple facets of the organization.

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  1. […] only could I get the tickets now, but the guy working the window was the same one who handled my frantic call after I bought just two and managed to get me two more.  I reminded him of the basics of my story and told him how impressed I had been with the service, […]


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